Aphorismus #791

Ich habe diesen Song zwar schon hier erwähnt, aber dieses Sommerlied muss einfach gewürdigt werden!

by The Stranglers

Strolling along minding my own business
There goes a girl and a half
She’s got me going up and down (x2)
Walking on the beaches looking at the peachesWell I got the notion girl that
You got some sun tan lotion in that bottle of yours
Spread it all over my peeling skin baby
That feels real good
All this skirt
Lapping up the sun
Lap me up
(Why don’t you come on and)
Lap me up
Walking on the beaches looking at the peachesThere goes another one

Just lying down on the sand dunes
Better go and take a swim
And see if I can cool down a little bit
‚Cos you and me woman
We got a lotta things on our minds
(You know what I mean)
Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches

Will you take a look over there?
Is she trying to get out of that clitoris
Liberation for women
That’s what I preach
Preacher man
Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches

Oh shit! There goes the charabang
Looks like I’m gonna be stuck here the whole summer
Well what a bummer
I can think of a lot worse places to be
Like down in the street
Or down in the sewer
Or even on the end of a skewer

Down on the beaches looking at the peaches


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